Monday, March 22, 2010

Soul movement and Mood Swings, Not!!

I don't know about you but I've noticed that my mood can change rapidly. 

Now, before you continue reading, having smugly concluded that I've got a monstrous case of pre-menstrual or menopausal symptoms, just let me clarify one thing.

These are not mood swings from 'I could wring his *#%* neck' to 'Honey, why don't you let me massage that tired back of yours with my twin-top?".

They are just changes, fluctuations, if you will, or 'flow' or something that's not associated with extremes, especially extremes of a hormonal, female kind.

But I digress.

My last post was about lighting, in an obtuse sort of way, I guess. And I find that I'm still fascinated by it (No, not the post but the lighting).  I've probably been fascinated by it all my life without realizing it.

I'm fascinated by how much light (and its absence) really affects us, causing changes, fluctuations, flow, whatever,  in (or should that be 'of'?) our mood.

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Just a few minutes ago, for instance, following a brief shower (it rained), the park behind my apartment looked like it had been to a funeral - dark and somber, it waited to be consoled. And it was. In a flash.

Literally before my eyes, as if someone had clicked the forward button on a slide show, sunlight flooded it! The entire park smiled as the sun's light played with the leaves on its trees and the grass on the ground.

Now that was one 'wow' moment for me. It was then that I realized how I'd been feeling just a moment before - heavy, dull, uninspired and probably uninspiring.

Which brings me to the real subject of this post - natural lighting for our rooms and what I feel the soul likes.

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In my last post, I'd concluded that the soul prefers soft lighting.  Perhaps I should have said diffused light - would that be a classier phrase to use?  And when you couple that with some of the soul's artwork like you see in the image above, well, I can't imagine the soul not smiling, can you?  What an absolutely genius idea!

But, you might be wondering, why does the soul shy away from bright light?  It's not a vampire, is it? 

"Until the culture recognizes the legitimacy of growing down, each person in the culture struggles blindly to make sense of the darkness that the soul requires to deepen into life".  James Hillman
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