Thursday, March 18, 2010

My soul gave its body a treat - a hugely comfortable L-shaped seat

"And there are times, several hours of a day on occasion, when the soul releases its body in a singular heap upon a seat singularly designed for it".
When I recently moved into my studio apartment, I knew I'd have to be minimal with furniture. But I was also determined I'd be comfortable.

Studio Apartments: Big Ideas for Small Spaces  Studio Apartments (Spanish Edition)

But how do you get such comfort if you can't afford to let the item of choice fill up your tiny space yet still
  • provide enough seating for at least three guests, 
  • create an elegant, semi-formal and welcoming space AND
  • be not too close to the television

Tall order indeed.  To be honest, these objectives weren't sitting in the forefront of my mind.  Rather, they sort of swished around in my mind, vaguely.  But I've learned to trust my instincts so that I knew that I would find the perfect piece and that I'd recognize it as soon as I saw it.  And so I did.

It was the first piece of furniture I bought for my no-room apartment, even before I bought my bed, realizing quickly that it would make a comfortable and secure sleeping unit too.  Since then, I've slept on it when I've had an overnight guest or, when challenged for it, made the ultimate sacrifice :).


Oh, make no mistake, I did get myself an excellent bed in time but there's something quite, mmm...I'm not sure what the word for it is...daring, perhaps, about spending a night on your sofa rather than in your bed.  

I know, I know, it says a lot about me, doesn't it, that I consider sleeping on my sofa a rather daring thing to do.  It's as if I become a child again, falling asleep in 'inappropriate' places. 

Come to think of it, it's not so much daring as abandon.  Yep, that's it. Abandon.  I suppose I should add that quality to the list of great qualities that my L has - the promise of childlike abandon :)  Perhaps it's my soul's little treat for its body.

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