Thursday, March 18, 2010

Can we sue Google?

Oh my!  Sometimes I surprise myself. 

My other blog, Thought Bubble Ten, which I'd created only a week ago has been deleted by Google, supposedly for spam.  If you'd ever seen it, you'd know that spam and I are unacquainted (can we sue Google for contributing to distress?).  Well, that's not entirely true.  I do get spam in my emails but I hardly look at them, so, yes, we aren't quite acquainted.

Anyways, I requested a review of my blog after getting over my 1-minute devastation and 2-minute indignation and am awaiting the outcome at the time of writing. 

For a while, I felt a little lost, like having my home repossessed by the cyber bailif and insensitively pulled down by their hired mafia wreckers .  Where was I to go with all my thoughts?   

It wasn't long before the light bulb idea of starting another blog came on and I quickly set about looking for a new 'home' (read 'blog') and setting up the 'furniture' (read 'layout') there and eventually got down to the business of writing my first post. 

Yeah, it seems that when things get tough, I get more determined (or might that be more inspired?).  And that surprises me somewhat.

I'd never really thought of myself as being particularly determined.  Enthusiastic, yes, but determined?  Well, I guess I must be to start all over again. 

Keeping it crispy, TBT

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