Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Refresh the soul and then be ready to soar

"Nothing can cure the soul but the senses, just as nothing can cure the sense but the soul"    Oscar Wilde
I was looking for somewhere to rest my soul, a place where no demands would be made of it. Just a place to refresh, regroup and start again. And here is where, after some searching, I felt I'd found it.

I felt the muscles in my face stretch as I smiled. I felt energy flow through me once again, making me realize how congested and stagnant it had previously been.

With a fresh(er) mind, I began to wonder about this room and what struck me was this: How does a space that appears to be full of stuff still breathe harmony and exude a sense of freedom and comfort?  

In this case at least, I think it's got to do with the light and gently bright colors that are repeated in every part and every purpose of the room.  It's enchanting in a very different kind of way that I usually experience 'enchanting'.

I love the fact that you can be hidden without being in the dark as you work in that spot under the bed.  There's privacy without its typical 'cloak of darkness'. That feels playfully nice.

I think it's a room designed for a teenager but I could easily make myself comfortable and efficient in it. For a while. After that, having got its rest through a combination of harmonious space and creative work, my soul's mood might rise into a space for higher thinking. A space like this perhaps?

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  1. I find it interesting to note that the boxy shape of the "treehouse" has never changed. It always appears as if it were plucked from the ground and dropped into the tree - like a foreign body in a living organism. Have you ever seen a treehouse whose form follows that of the tree? I haven't, but I imagine Antoni Guadi probably did - in his mind, perhaps, if not in reality. :P

    Glad to see you quoting Wilde, a great Irish writer ;)

  2. Yes, I thought it looked so incongruous but I did like the idea of being up there.

    I'll make it a point to find a slightly more contextually congruent design. However, you're a designer yourself. Have you got a draft somewhere then?

  3. I was not criticizing the image or what it represents ... I was just thinking out loud - Hey, was that a thought bubble?

  4. that your way of getting out of coming up with a design? :)

    A thought bubble? I 'spose though it's not nearly as devoid of content as most of mine are...

    BTW Wilde was/is wild...nice wild.

  5. The thought of living in a tree house has always been appealing though finding a tree to hold up even a tiny house proves challenging. The next idea that then comes is creating a house that is on stilts snaking amongst the trees taking only the space that the tree have no used. The ideas definitely rekindle the imaginative thoughts of childhood.

  6. Well, you people have got me thinking and searching and I've found some charming treehouses (well, images of)on the web which I shall share in my next post :)


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