Friday, March 26, 2010

Now that I'm on a steroid prescription for window shopping, my soul's gone nomadic

Having this blog has made me explore the world of furniture and housing and dwelling places like I've never done before.  Main reason why I haven't before? I never thought I could afford anything I really liked so why bother?  How sad was that!

But window-shopping is endless joy. The soul absolutely craves it. It reflects its hidden fantasies. It mustn't be denied or it gets dull and gloomy and prone to depression.

You don't have to buy or own everything you see and like but that doesn't have to stop you from enjoying their beauty or the ingenuity in their craftsmanship or design. 

Now that I've given myself a steroid prescription for window shopping, I've begun to notice a change in my thinking and behavior.

Whereas I used to immediately dismiss something as unaffordable because my focus was on what I believed I could not afford (which made me feel pretty powerless and unsuccessful and other yucky stuff like that), now my focus is on what I like and am intuitively drawn to.

It's true my self-moderating or soul-sqeezing habits have their roots in my 'financially challenged' childhood where I learned it was pointless even thinking about what I wanted.  I was never going to get it. 

But the worse crime was committed, I think, while I was married and when I was consistently discouraged from getting stuff I wanted.  I'm not blaming my ex-husband for it. He was equally a victim of deprivation as I was.  We were just witless partners in crime. The more he objected, the more I insisted, and often with things that I hadn't really, truely, hopelessly fallen in love with.  How tragic was that!

Anyways, fast forward and here I am, once again stepping out with true (not tempered) childlike wonder and glee to explore the world of furniture and furnishings and soulful living places.  What a ton of fun! And here's some of my latest findings.

Tool-less, easly fold-away-able, highly portable, space-saving furniture, described as particularly suited for nomadic living :) You'll find more at their makers much understated site, Seed International.

Now, I should clarify one thing. I have no idea how much any of this costs.  I can't imagine they'd be expensive though.  I have them here not because I've got a deal with Seed (nice thought) but because I happened to discover them on one of my nocturnal prowls on the web for unusual furniture and I was so taken by their simplicity and elegance and user (read 'female' if you wish) friendliness, I had to share it with you.

So, tell me, do you dismiss things because they may be beyond your means?  Or do you allow yourself to enjoy things that you're drawn to even if you know you may not be able to afford them? Yet? :)

Oh, btw, look what I found when I did an Amazon search for 'seed furniture' :)

Seeds of Love: For Brothers and Sisters of International Adoption

Organic Baby Moses Basket

Nowhere close but I'll take it :)


  1. Nice post. You've got a good collection of interesting furniture designs here. Not sure I really would want them in my home, but I still think it's important for designers put all their craziest ideas out there. You never know who you might inspire.

  2. I don't think I'd want them all in my house either but I still like the idea of them and enjoy marveling at the design. I'm referring to all kinds of furniture, not just the ones in this post. And yes, it would be a dull world indeed if people didn't let their imaginations take them beyond what is.


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