Saturday, April 10, 2010

What does your Soul want on your walls?

What would you put on the walls of your home if you were totally unconcerned about what others might think? A comment from Design on Design to my last post, Multiple Personalities need Multiple Rooms, prompted me to ask myself this question and now I'm asking you.

What do you currently have on your walls? What effect do they have on you? Do they inspire you? Excite you? Challenge you? Take your imagination on flights of fantasy?  Do they express or feed the many characters of your soul?

There are any number of things we put on our walls -  family photographs, tribal artifacts, collections of souvenirs and paintings, of course.  Would you have art like this on your walls?  If so, which ones? And which walls? 

Image from here

Image from here
Image from here

3-D Street Art Image from here

Image from here

Perhaps something from Amazon?
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  1. Fabulous images - I'll certainly explore the links.

    I was thinking about house decoration (what a mundane phrase, there must be more inspiring ones around?) the other day and I started daydreaming about an old favourite of mine.

    Here in Brazil you often find that trees and plants are integrated into the buildings themselves. My own fantasy takes that one step further in terms of Lord of the Rings, Star Trek scenarios where perhaps a small stream actually flows through some of the rooms - and trees are allowed to grow inside the house without being cribbed confined, in all their natural glory.

    So you have to choose the tree carefully, maybe some kind of controlling factor in the genes to prevent problems with roots breaking up the floor. Whatever.

    That's what my soul wants anyway. Nature. Not even sanitised nature. But then I also enjoy sleeping outdoors under an open sky. Since when have our dreams become so divorced from our natural habitat? Look how the images in this post draw on nature.

    Yet we have become conditioned by the big corporations into believing that processed food is somehow better, cleaner than natural food - that clean, modern, smooth surfaces are central to innovative architectural design.

    Humanity took a wrong path somewhere down the line.

  2. Beautiful pictures as always...

    Personally I love the nature, and would incorporate nature in my room. Love your second picture with the images of trees on the wall. very Romanesque :), gives you the feel of paradise.

    I agree with Mr. Toad above... We have taken the wrong path somewhere along the line.. Nature, Natural, is very beautiful and healthy... Whatever happened to that?

  3. Hey Mr Toad, what wonderful images you conjure up for us.

    I've always enjoyed having plants inside my dwelling place but admit that I've been conservative in my choice and 'display' (now isn't that another awful way of thinking about our plants).

    I would like to be so much freer with them but I have to confess, I really don't fancy the fauna that they may attract - snakes, lizards, frogs, toads (no offense intended :)).

    I have been conditioned into 'clean' floors and toilets, soft cushions, indoors and outdoors, muted lighting, recorded music, my laptop and so much more that's not as 'natural' as wet grass, pebbled streams, mountains shrouded in mist, roaring oceans, star-lit skies and forest floors thick with undergrowth and earthy smells.

    I crave the latter but am not yet ready to trade my conditioned habitat for it. I'd like to be close though yet feel safe.

    Making our dwelling places as much a part of their natural environment rather than distinct from it is something that I want to see more of. I'd like my dream home to be that. In the meantime, it's nice to imagine possibilities. That's really good for my soul, I find :)

    And yes, 'house/home decoration' is a ghastly phrase and an uninspiring concept. Any suggestions?

  4. Hi NT, Glad you enjoyed the pictures. Yes, that second one is just gorgeous isn't it?

    Have we taken the wrong path? Or maybe stayed on this one a bit too long and forgotten the other?

  5. On our walls in our house, we have a mix of Mayan, Aztec and Inca replica artifacts as well as colorful modern glass works. The Aztec calendar in all its rich detail is one ares while a tin Incan relief sits on another. My wife and I find that the mix is good for adding something completely unfamiliar and unexpected to different walls.

  6. Ah, it's nice to sorta get a peek into people's walls :) The Aztec calendar - wow!

    'tin Incan relief' - what's that? Do you have a picture?

    Do you get lots of conversation around your walls? Do people ask questions?

    Perhaps I should ask people to share pictures of their walls here :)

  7. I don't have a picture of the tin Incan relief readily available, but if you imagine, it is a side profile of an Incan mystic where the features pop out of the image because the metal surface is formed.

    We do get conversations around the pieces and enjoy the same at other friends who have their own interests. Something seemingly out of place is definitely a good conversation starter.

  8. OK, I can imagine that and it feels rather as if there's a strong aura around it. I wonder if you feel it too?

    One of the more 'unique' things I've got on my wall are a series of pictures that I got my kids and I to do one Christmas on the theme of 'Our dreams/passions".

    My daughter's had images and symbols of singing with some lyrics. My son's had a couple of his soccer heroes holding the World Cup and I had people in clusters of various sizes.

    They mean a lot to me. Whenever they're noticed, I get asked about them.

  9. There is definitely something about the Incan relief that is more than just the art work, but I don't have my finger on it. That may be a part of the appeal.

    From your walls, its definitely nice to get questions on family given how close we hold them to us.

  10. Yes, it's great to be reminded of sweet times I've had with my children, when they were still very much children :)

    We often feel more than we have words for or ideas about. I think that's what your Incan relief is doing for you.

  11. Me again.

    I just found 99 more rooms with interesting walls 'n stuff ...

    And, if anyone enjoyed that, your "added bonus" is ...


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